"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Wrist – partial healing

I came for prayer this morning for my wrist which doesn’t move and is very painful.  There was some improvement in motion and  I am now able to hold my hand flat to receive money.  I am unable to check for pain as it is not so bad today to start with.


Arthritis pain healed

“I had extreme pain in my right shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand due to Arthritis. As I was prayed for, there was a sensation of warmth in the whole of my arm, even though it was too painful to touch. I did feel less pain when the praying was finished and by the time I got home the pain was almost gone. I awoke the next morning to find all pain and swelling completely gone. Praise God.”
– J. Colne, June 2010

Arthritic pain goes

“When I came to the Healing Rooms I was in extreme pain in my wrist, hand, elbow and shoulder, so much so that I could not bear for anyone to touch me. The team prayed for me without touching me and I felt a lovely warm sensation in the whole of my arm. I felt much better by the time I left. By the time I got home, the pain level had dropped and when I got up the next day the swelling had gone and I had no pain at all. Praise God”
– J. Colne, June 2010

Painful wrist

“I was experiencing pain in my wrist, especially when I was at work. The pain was in my wrist bone and it was very sore and tender. I received prayer early in August. Initially I still experienced mild symptoms but I said “No” to them because I knew I had been healed and praise the Lord I have not had any problems with my wrist for several weeks now.”
— G. Burnley, August 2009

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