"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Ministry Training Course 2014


Pain in my right hip left.  I felt relief in my stiff neck



I received healing for my shoulder and back

Prayers bring strength

I have been receiving prayer over quite a long time for a shoulder injury and for a good, speedy recovery from surgery. At times, the pain was really bad and I felt very low. It is amazing how I have gained spiritual, emotional and physical strength from the prayers and the scriptures which the team have spoken over me. Through their words and God’s love I was  enabled to keep trusting and believing that  I would be completely healed, and now I am.  Praise God for His faithfulness.
 – J.   Colne, March 2012

More pain, more prayer

“I have received healing through prayer before but this week I was in pain again, so I came back for more prayer. Again, I found that my shoulder and arm became very warm and all pain left me.”
– J. Colne, October 2010

Arthritis pain healed

“I had extreme pain in my right shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand due to Arthritis. As I was prayed for, there was a sensation of warmth in the whole of my arm, even though it was too painful to touch. I did feel less pain when the praying was finished and by the time I got home the pain was almost gone. I awoke the next morning to find all pain and swelling completely gone. Praise God.”
– J. Colne, June 2010

Healed of Bursitis on the training course

“I would like to share with you my experience of healing whilst attending the “How To Minister Healing” Training Course.

For almost a year I have been being treated for Bursitis in my right shoulder, and tendonitis in the main tendon of my right bicep. This meant that I was unable to raise my right arm or reach behind me without experiencing severe pain. Sometimes I was in pain even when I wasn’t trying to use my arm. I had physio and then was referred to MSK who gave me a cortisone injection. When that didn’t work I had an ultra sound guided cortisone injection. This did improve matters a bit but I was still suffering.

I noticed some improvement when I received healing in Church too, but seemed to hit a “wall” where things didn’t seem to be getting any better. The chronic pain began to wear me down and I wondered if I would ever get back to normal.
When I attended the training at Shekinah I realized that I was blocking my own healing. What a revelation, praise God. I had no idea there was still unforgiveness in my life towards others or towards myself. I opened up my heart to God and received healing.

Since then I have continued to improve and can now worship again with both hands raised. There is still some residual stiffness but I know God isn’t finished with me yet.

As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of the training, I was privileged to pray for another person on the course and witness their amazing healing too. Thank you so much for that opportunity, even my family and friends are benefiting! God Bless”
– D. Burnley, September 2010

Arthritic pain goes

“When I came to the Healing Rooms I was in extreme pain in my wrist, hand, elbow and shoulder, so much so that I could not bear for anyone to touch me. The team prayed for me without touching me and I felt a lovely warm sensation in the whole of my arm. I felt much better by the time I left. By the time I got home, the pain level had dropped and when I got up the next day the swelling had gone and I had no pain at all. Praise God”
– J. Colne, June 2010

Comfort from Holy Spirit

“I received prayer for pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. As I was being prayed for I realized I needed to release forgiveness. As I did so I felt the Holy Spirit enter my whole body and calm me down. He made me truly believe that God’s help is only one question away!”
— J. Burnley, February 2010

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