"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Neck and Back Healed

I felt very peaceful and became very aware how I have been fearful of believing.  I ‘saw’ a waterfall.  I felt an immediate energy in my neck and spine giving strength and I feel like my posture has improved already.  Thank you so much.

S from Burnley – September 2015


Ministry Training Course 2014


Pain in my right hip left.  I felt relief in my stiff neck



I received healing for my shoulder and back

Pain relief and peace

I  had prayer today for reduced mobility and pain in my neck. There is an immediate slight improvement and I am aware that I also feel really peaceful now.
 – P.   Fence, August 2011

Flexibility improves

“I have had a sore, stiff neck for the last 9 months and physio has not helped to ease it. I didn’t feel anything different as I was prayed for but later that night, realised that my neck was loosening up. Within the next 24 hours the flexibility in my neck had improved about 20%. Thank you God and thank you team.”
– P Fence, November 2010

Feeling in fingers returns

“I requested healing prayer for numbness in my fingers of my left hand and a heaviness of my left arm. I felt an anointing of the Holy Spirit during the ministry and the feeling came back in my fingers. My neck also felt more mobility in my neck!”
— J. Burnley, April 2010

Comfort from Holy Spirit

“I received prayer for pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. As I was being prayed for I realized I needed to release forgiveness. As I did so I felt the Holy Spirit enter my whole body and calm me down. He made me truly believe that God’s help is only one question away!”
— J. Burnley, February 2010

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