"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Hearing improved / knee pain reduced

“I received prayer because my left ear was painful and my hearing reduced. I also was having pain in my right knee. After prayer there was no pain in my ear and I started to hear more clearly. The pain in my knee was also reduced. Thank You Lord”
— E. Burnley, April 2010

Hearing improved then restored

“For quite a while now I have not been able to hear anything in my right ear, it felt as if there was a blockage. On 5th June I received prayer from the ministry team and am very pleased to report that I can now hear in that ear. I am aware that there is still some hearing loss but am confident that the Lord will finish what He has started, and give Him my thanks and all the glory.”
— M. Burnley, June 2009

“3 Weeks ago I had prayer for a hearing problem in my right ear. I had further prayer last week for the same reason, even though there had been some improvement, it felt as if there was some sort of blockage in my ear. After the 2nd session of prayer the feeling of blockage disappeared and I can now hear properly. Thank you Lord.”
— M. Burnley, July 2009

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