"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


God changed my x-ray and healed my lung

“When I visited Healing Rooms for prayer I had been battling with a severe, on-going chest infection for quite some time. I seemed to have a weakness in that I often suffered from chest infections. After quite a while, the symptoms were not improving despite having taken several courses of antibiotics and steroids prescribed by my G.P. The infection just was not clearing up, so I was referred to the hospital for a chest x-ray.

I soon received a call from my G.P who wanted to speak to me about the result of the x-ray. He told me that he had received the report from the hospital which had been collated by a senior Radiologist, and that it was not good news. The x-ray confirmed significant legions in the lower lobe of my left lung. My first thought was that the persistent chest infection had caused some scaring in that area, but he went on to say that because of the significant change he would be referring me to a Chest Consultant under the two week rule.

My husband is a doctor, and I am from a nursing background so we were fully aware that the two week rule was in place for urgent treatment where the implications indicated a diagnosis of cancer or something very sinister. I was stunned. I expected him to tell me to pick up a prescription for a course of different antibiotics. I had not anticipated what he told me and I just felt completely numb. I did receive an appointment with the consultant within that two week period.

The day before I went for the consultation, I visited Healing Rooms for prayer. The team were very reassuring and reminded me how much God loves me and that it was always His will for us to be healed. They spoke a good report over me, and quoted part of a scripture from the bible to me, which says: “A good report makes your bones healthy”  (Proverbs 15:30). I was also given healing scriptures to read aloud at home.

When I went into the consultation room the next morning, the consultant began by asking me why I was visiting him that morning. Thinking that he may be checking whether or not I was aware of the suspected diagnoses I explained to him the chain of events. I was completely thrilled and amazed when his response was “Well, I have your x-ray here, and there is nothing untoward whatsoever”. Initially, my nursing logic took over. I asked him if he was sure it was my x-ray! He confirmed my personal details as shown on the x-ray and assured me that as he had 30 years experience in this area of medicine, I could rely totally on his judgement. There were no indications or signs of neither cancer, legions, nor anything else that should not be there. I hadn’t had a second one taken, so this was the original x-ray which the report had been written about and God had changed the image on the x-ray! However, the consultant did do all the necessary checks – all clear. At my request, my own G.P. rang the consultant to confirm there had not been any mistake – no mistakes, it was all clear. That was over 18 months ago and I have not had any coughs or chest infections since. Praise God. He is faithful to His word. He is my healer”
– Kath Rhodes.  Burnley, January 2012

Physical and emotional healing

I was quite anxious when I arrived at Healing Rooms, but in the relaxing atmosphere that anxiety soon began to go. The team encouraged me to release forgiveness. The heartache I had felt began to go and even my breathing became easier, my chest felt less tight. By the time I came out of the prayer room it was as if a burden had been taken from me and I had a real sense of peace. The words they spoke to me were so relevant, I knew they were straight from God. I had a real sense of Gog’s love and I was filled with peace.
– G.   Fence, March 2011

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