"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Peace restored

“In April I received prayer ministry from the Healing Rooms Burnley team. For two days I had been feeling very anxious and I had woken up with my heart racing that Wednesday morning. I asked for prayer about a situation which was causing me to feel stressed. By the end of the prayer session I felt a deep sense of peace. I have been consistently fine ever since and the headaches I had been experiencing have also gone. The situation that was causing the stress has been much better since then. As I received prayer that day, I felt that I might be getting a cold and sore throat but the symptoms disappeared as the team prayed. Thank you God, and thank you to the Healing Rooms Burnley team.”
— G. Burnley, June 2009

Physical and emotional healing

I was quite anxious when I arrived at Healing Rooms, but in the relaxing atmosphere that anxiety soon began to go. The team encouraged me to release forgiveness. The heartache I had felt began to go and even my breathing became easier, my chest felt less tight. By the time I came out of the prayer room it was as if a burden had been taken from me and I had a real sense of peace. The words they spoke to me were so relevant, I knew they were straight from God. I had a real sense of Gog’s love and I was filled with peace.
– G.   Fence, March 2011

Healing for…