"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Part of the remit of Healing Rooms is to equip and release believers into healing ministry. It is our firm belief that all Christians are called to heal the sick … according to Mark 16:17-18. So whether you have a desire to set up a prayer team in your church but don’t know where to start, learn what the Bible says about healing or feel you are called to become a team member of a Healing Rooms, our training course that is right for you.


How To Minister Healing Course


You may want to invite us to hold a course for your church or organisation, to cover the Biblical foundation for healing and how to minister healing using the Healing Rooms (IAHR) model. This is usually is usually six sessions long, often over a Friday evening followed by all day Saturday or over two Saturdays. Other arrangements can be made to cover the six sessions so that the course is completed.


Please check our website for details of any forcoming course we are holding or have been invited to deliver. If you have any enquiries you may contact us by email via the link for more information.


Sessions include:

  • What the Bible says about healing
  • Authority of the believer
  • Faith For Healing

Further training


Once you have attended and completed the How To Minister Healing course, you may want to continue to meet for regular training/teaching about ministering healing. So, whether you are part of the Healing Rooms team, or want more teaching/training about how to minister healing in your local church, this course is for you. Again, this will be held in small groups of six or more, and will be a six – eight week course


Sessions may include:

  • The origin of sickness
  • Healing the inner man
  • Leading someone to faith in Jesus
  • How to use the gift of prophecy
  • Intercessory prayer within Healing Rooms


We can also come to give talks about Healing Rooms to any local groups you are involved with, by invitation.


Please email us if you have any questions, we are here to help you.

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