"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)

Toe Healed

From J on behalf of T


T is diabetic. He has had many problems with his health, but most recently the doctors and consultant were very worried about his toe as it was very swollen and painful. They wanted to take it off as they thought he might lose his foot if they didn’t remove the toe. The doctors told him that his foot wouldn’t get better. T said he was trusting God for healing. They weren’t very pleased, but they said that they would watch his progress for the next 6 weeks. After six weeks T went back to the consultant and his toe had improved so much that the consultant discharged him. His toe isn’t completely healed but T is trusting God to finish the work He has started.

Thanks to Healing Rooms and friends for praying, but most of all thanks to The Lord for his faithfulness to us his children.

Update:  T has been back to the doctor and his toe is now perfectly healed.

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