"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)

Monthly Archives: February 2017

God Works in Prisoner’s Life

I attended Healing Rooms to ask for prayer for a family member who had been imprisoned for the first time a few months earlier.  He was struggling with the hostile environment and being separated from his family and, I found out later, in desperation prayed to God.  I told the prayer team that he was not religious and didn’t know anything about Jesus.  One of the team said, “He will though,” and I took this to mean that through their prayers Jesus might touch his life.  I hoped so. (I wasn’t a Christian at the time)

With the support of two relatives and with his children in mind he sought to better himself and through good conduct and attending courses he obtained some certificates and surprised himself with a new found confidence and abilities.  He also became a mentor to other prisoners and through weekly phone calls he was able to maintain a relationship with his children.He began to attend the prison chapel which led to him constructing a stand for a painting of Jesus for which he received a letter of thanks.  He even secured a job in the chapel and daily read his bible and a message from a Christian magazine.  He also applied to be confirmed.

I knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t exactly a committed Christian in its fullest sense but God in His mercy was moving in his life nonetheless.  All praise and thanks to the Lord, and thank you to the Healing Rooms team for praying and being a conduit through whom God could do something quite amazing and unexpected in this man’s life.

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