"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)

Monthly Archives: April 2012

Sore Back Improved

In March 2012 I had prayer and received healing for a back problem. I had slipped on the ice and fallen on the bottom of my back causing much pain and tenderness, After just 1 prayer session it gas almost gone. Thank You Lord.
 – Kath Hill.   Burnley, April 2012

Healed From Back Pain

After a week’s fell walking in the Lake District my back started to hurt and over the next two months got gradually worse. The extreme discomfort had spread right up my back and I was getting quite concerned that something very serious was wrong. After prayer at both Burnley and Clitheroe Healing Rooms I felt such tremendous warmth and comfort in my back but the discomfort was still there. Gradually over the next few days it began to diminish and then went altogether. I am now enjoying walking again. Thankyou Jesus!
 – M.   Burnley, April 2012

Healing for…