"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)

Monthly Archives: January 2011

Such peace

“I came for prayer not knowing what to expect really. Everything was really welcoming and relaxing. When I was being prayed for I felt so peaceful and could have gone to sleep. I left feeling much better than when I arrived.”
– T. Burnley, January 2011

Instant healing of splitting nails

“In April 2010, I had prayer because my finger nails had been splitting for 7 or 8 years. Although this sometimes caused my fingers to be sore and bleed, it was more of an agitation than anything else. My nails have been perfect ever since, exept for one episode of 2 nails splitting just once in November. Thank you God, no job is too big or too small for you.”
 – L.  Burnley, January 2011

Healed on the training course

“In September, I attended the Healing Rooms Foundation training course where we were taught what the bible says about healing and how to pray for healing. I was prayed for because I had an Hiatus Hernia. I have not had heartburn since. Praise God, He has healed me.”
– P. Bacup, November 2010

Flexibility improves

“I have had a sore, stiff neck for the last 9 months and physio has not helped to ease it. I didn’t feel anything different as I was prayed for but later that night, realised that my neck was loosening up. Within the next 24 hours the flexibility in my neck had improved about 20%. Thank you God and thank you team.”
– P Fence, November 2010

Comfort and reassurance

“This is my first visit to a Healing Rooms. I was welcomed very warmly into the relaxing atmosphere. I was reassured that the prayers were backed up with scriptures and there was a strong sense of God’s love. It’s a good place to come, and I will come again”
– Name omitted.  Burnley, October 2010

Hope restored

“I have been feeling rather down for some time because of lifes troubles. I had prayer at the Healing Rooms and feel I have new hope in God. I also know that God has strengthened me and now I focus on Him instead of on life’s problems.”
 – C. Burnley, October 2010

More pain, more prayer

“I have received healing through prayer before but this week I was in pain again, so I came back for more prayer. Again, I found that my shoulder and arm became very warm and all pain left me.”
– J. Colne, October 2010

What a difference

“As the team prayed for me tonight, I realised I was very bitter towards someone and I chose to forgive that person. I also asked Jesus to come into my heart. What a difference! I feel as if I have been set free, as if I am walking on air. From this moment I now know I will receive my healing. Thank you God”
– C. Rawtenstall, June 2010

Back pain improved

” I received prayer for a painful back condition. I found a gentle, warm, respectful welcome to the Healing Rooms when I arrived and within a few days I found the level of pain in my back had definitely decreased.”
– A. Wales, June 2010

Arthritis pain healed

“I had extreme pain in my right shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand due to Arthritis. As I was prayed for, there was a sensation of warmth in the whole of my arm, even though it was too painful to touch. I did feel less pain when the praying was finished and by the time I got home the pain was almost gone. I awoke the next morning to find all pain and swelling completely gone. Praise God.”
– J. Colne, June 2010

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