"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)

Monthly Archives: May 2010

Leg grows and gold dust appears

“I had never heard of the healing rooms until a friend mentioned it to me, I had recently been in hospital suffering from neck and leg pains, and had various investigations to establish the cause. I was obviously very anxious waiting for the results and was willing to give anything a try. I also have a longstanding back problem and a noticeable difference in the length of my legs. The welcome I received at the healing rooms was wonderful, a calming, peaceful, and relaxing experience. The volunteers prayed for me and made me feel very comfortable. One volunteer remarked that she could see “gold dust” on my hands and neck during the session. I couldn’t see anything but how wrong could I have been. On returning home my hands and neck were full of gold sparkly dust. A week or so later I also noticed that after buying some new trousers that both my legs were now the same length! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can not thank the Lord and healing rooms enough for the effect it has had on me and I really do feel truly blessed”
— T. Burnley, April 2010

Healed of back pain

“When I was prayed for the pain in my back disappeared and I can move more easily now. I didn’t realize being unforgiving was stopping me from being well. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from me, and I have a warm feeling where I felt so cold before. I feel peaceful and have found strength to carry on and to be forgiving of what has happened”
— B. Blackburn, April 2010

Peace is restored

” I received prayer today for several issues. During the prayer session I released forgiveness and now I feel a great sense of peace and assurance. In the prayer room I felt the power of the Holy Spirit of God surging through my body. I tingled from head to toe”
— J. Blackburn, April 2010

Grief is lifted

“The people who prayed for me were very kind and understanding, I felt like God was lifting me up to Himself and I was very close to Him. Healing has begun for me and I know it will continue. Before, I was grieving and couldn’t see a way forward but now I want to help others”
— M. Nelson, April 2010

Feeling in fingers returns

“I requested healing prayer for numbness in my fingers of my left hand and a heaviness of my left arm. I felt an anointing of the Holy Spirit during the ministry and the feeling came back in my fingers. My neck also felt more mobility in my neck!”
— J. Burnley, April 2010

Hearing improved / knee pain reduced

“I received prayer because my left ear was painful and my hearing reduced. I also was having pain in my right knee. After prayer there was no pain in my ear and I started to hear more clearly. The pain in my knee was also reduced. Thank You Lord”
— E. Burnley, April 2010

Healed of Osteo-arthritis pain

“In November 2009 I attended the Healing Rooms Training course and asked for prayer because I had pain in my spine, hands and feet as a result of Osteoarthritis. The improvement was immediate. I hardly needed any pain relief and became fully mobile. Today I had prayer for painful swelling in my hand and thumb joint. Pain and swelling have gone and I have a lovely sense of peace”
— S. Burnley, April 2010

Holy Spirit received

“Today I asked for prayer to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I was released from feelings of inadequacy and from mental oppression. During the prayer time, I felt a white hot heat was on me and in front of my head pushing out doubts. This feeling lasted for several hours. The feelings of oppression have not returned”
— J. Colne, March 2010

Confidence restored

“Following a knee injury, I found some restoration had taken place but I still felt I was vulnerable. After prayer today, I realized that I no longer felt vulnerable and I was able to step out with confidence and take full weight on the knee that had been injured”
— G. Burnley, February 2010

Comfort from Holy Spirit

“I received prayer for pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. As I was being prayed for I realized I needed to release forgiveness. As I did so I felt the Holy Spirit enter my whole body and calm me down. He made me truly believe that God’s help is only one question away!”
— J. Burnley, February 2010

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