"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)

Monthly Archives: April 2010

Heaviness lifted

“When I had prayer at Healing Rooms Burnley a couple of weeks ago, I felt something heavy lift off me and I have been feeling much better. I want to praise God for His touch and thank the team for their time and prayers. I would encourage others to come and I know they will receive.”
— H. Nelson, August 2009

Hearing improved then restored

“For quite a while now I have not been able to hear anything in my right ear, it felt as if there was a blockage. On 5th June I received prayer from the ministry team and am very pleased to report that I can now hear in that ear. I am aware that there is still some hearing loss but am confident that the Lord will finish what He has started, and give Him my thanks and all the glory.”
— M. Burnley, June 2009

“3 Weeks ago I had prayer for a hearing problem in my right ear. I had further prayer last week for the same reason, even though there had been some improvement, it felt as if there was some sort of blockage in my ear. After the 2nd session of prayer the feeling of blockage disappeared and I can now hear properly. Thank you Lord.”
— M. Burnley, July 2009

Bowel problem

“In September 2008, my Doctor referred me to a specialist for further investigations because there was a problem with my bowels. The specialist used a camera but this was not successful, so I had to have a Barium xray. When I got the results, I was told I would have to go to see the consultant again and that they would decide what treatment to give me because there was some sort of irregularity. I asked for and received prayer in the healing Rooms. When I went back to the hospital I was given the all clear, they couldn’t find anything wrong, and have discharged me! Praise the Lord.”
— M. Burnley, June 2009

Pain free

“On 22nd May 09, after leaving the Healing Rooms Conference in Halifax I noticed an improvement to the residual nerve damage in my right leg, the result of a road traffic accident 2 yrs ago. I was able to stand with both feet on the ground. The pain had been decreasing during the day and was a lot easier when I left, however the pain in my knee became worse over the following few days. On 3rd June I received prayer ministry from the Healing Rooms Burnley team my knee and my leg were quite sore. I felt the most amazing anointing of God’s love and just knew that today was definitely my day to receive God’s awesome blessing. By the end of the prayer session I was filled with love and peace, I even felt lighter and was pain free. I was filled with Holy Spirit and now know I am loved, forgiven, worthy and able to give out all I have received. I can walk in the destiny that the Lord has planned for me. All glory to God.”
— J. Burnley, June2009

Sciatica relief

“After receiving prayer for long term sciatica pain, I found that for the first time in a few years I was able to walk long distances, without pain. I praise God and give thanks to the prayer team”
— M. Burnley, November 2009

Freedom from pain

“I had prayer today for a painful knee, hip and back, as I received prayer and the laying on of hands I felt God’s presence was amazing and awesome. Walking was very difficult and painful when I went in for prayer, but I was almost able to run when I came out! Praise His holy name”
— J. Burnley, November 2009

Stress relieved

“I found a warm welcome on this my first visit to Healing Rooms. Their friendliness helped me to relax”
— P. Burnley, November 2009

Allergies and sinus problems

“In August I received prayer because I was having problems with allergies and my sinuses. These symptoms have improved and the Lord has strengthened me against experiencing their return. When my sinuses seem irritated I simply put my fingers on the area and speak words of peace and life to them and command the symptoms to go!”
— G. Burnley, October 2009

Skin complaint

“I have been suffering from a skin complaint, itching all over my body, since July 2009. I have been to see my G.P. and also paid to see a specialist. The specialist gave me some cream to put on the rash, but it did not give me much relief. I could not go out much because of this condition. My sister-in-law invited me to come to Healing Rooms for prayer. After prayer, I went home and was feeling tired, so I rested in bed. In the evening, I was getting ready for bed and realized I did not need any cream on, the rash had gone and I realised the Lord had healed me. The symptoms have not returned. ”
— D. Burnley, September 2009

Painful wrist

“I was experiencing pain in my wrist, especially when I was at work. The pain was in my wrist bone and it was very sore and tender. I received prayer early in August. Initially I still experienced mild symptoms but I said “No” to them because I knew I had been healed and praise the Lord I have not had any problems with my wrist for several weeks now.”
— G. Burnley, August 2009

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