"They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover" (Mark 16:18)


Giving testimony simply means telling others what has happened. Testimony is very important; it speaks of what Jesus has done and therefore what he can do again. After healing a man, Jesus instructed him to “‘Return home and tell how much God has done for you.’ So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.” (Luke 8:39)

Here are some testimonies from people who have received prayer at Healing Rooms Burnley. Permission has been given by each person to share them publicly. There are many more testimonies on the International Association of Healing Rooms website if you wish to read them.

If you have received healing from God, through the ministry at Healing Rooms Burnley; either at the rooms, through submitting a prayer request or after receiving a prayer cloth, and would like to share with others what God has done for you, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to enquiries@healingroomsburnley.org.uk.

Some people have given permission for their names to be used, although this is not essential. We will maintain whatever level of confidentiality you feel comfortable with.

In emailing your testimony, you are giving Healing Rooms Burnley approval to edit and/or condense it as necessary.

Thank you.

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Wrist – partial healing

I came for prayer this morning for my wrist which doesn’t move and is very painful.  There was some improvement in motion and  I am now able to hold my hand flat to receive money.  I am unable to check for pain as it is not so bad today to start with.


God Works in Prisoner’s Life

I attended Healing Rooms to ask for prayer for a family member who had been imprisoned for the first time a few months earlier.  He was struggling with the hostile environment and being separated from his family and, I found out later, in desperation prayed to God.  I told the prayer team that he was not religious and didn’t know anything about Jesus.  One of the team said, “He will though,” and I took this to mean that through their prayers Jesus might touch his life.  I hoped so. (I wasn’t a Christian at the time)

With the support of two relatives and with his children in mind he sought to better himself and through good conduct and attending courses he obtained some certificates and surprised himself with a new found confidence and abilities.  He also became a mentor to other prisoners and through weekly phone calls he was able to maintain a relationship with his children.He began to attend the prison chapel which led to him constructing a stand for a painting of Jesus for which he received a letter of thanks.  He even secured a job in the chapel and daily read his bible and a message from a Christian magazine.  He also applied to be confirmed.

I knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t exactly a committed Christian in its fullest sense but God in His mercy was moving in his life nonetheless.  All praise and thanks to the Lord, and thank you to the Healing Rooms team for praying and being a conduit through whom God could do something quite amazing and unexpected in this man’s life.

Relationship Restored

Wonderful news and testimony from C after her prayer on Thursday at Costa. She asked for prayer to be reconciled with her sons. I had prayed with her last year and suggested she call on him. He lives or did live up Mardsen Rd way. She put it off, plucking up courage.
She called but was told he had moved to Blackburn and someone else was living in the house, but the person passed on C’s details to her son. Her son rang her and said they had just had a baby so she’s a grandma now.  He has arranged to pick her up and take her to his home. Also this son has been in touch with her other son in New Zealand and he is coming over and they will all be getting together.
Oh I do praise God.  I am so filled with joy for her and praise God for Healing Rooms, it was just the encouragement she needed.
What a wonderful testimony to prove God’s great love and ability to restore relationships.
L on behalf of C

Toe Healed

From J on behalf of T


T is diabetic. He has had many problems with his health, but most recently the doctors and consultant were very worried about his toe as it was very swollen and painful. They wanted to take it off as they thought he might lose his foot if they didn’t remove the toe. The doctors told him that his foot wouldn’t get better. T said he was trusting God for healing. They weren’t very pleased, but they said that they would watch his progress for the next 6 weeks. After six weeks T went back to the consultant and his toe had improved so much that the consultant discharged him. His toe isn’t completely healed but T is trusting God to finish the work He has started.

Thanks to Healing Rooms and friends for praying, but most of all thanks to The Lord for his faithfulness to us his children.

Update:  T has been back to the doctor and his toe is now perfectly healed.

Severe Discomfort Healed


I was experiencing severe discomfort in my left breast which got worse, spreading down my side and round into my back.  It got so bad that I was scared to go to the doctor in case it was bad news.  It went on for about two months getting more and more painful.


I asked the team at Costa to say a prayer for me and it wasn’t till the end of the same day that I realised that all the discomfort had completely gone and that was weeks ago now!


Thank You Jesus!

M from Burnley December 2015

Neck and Back Healed

I felt very peaceful and became very aware how I have been fearful of believing.  I ‘saw’ a waterfall.  I felt an immediate energy in my neck and spine giving strength and I feel like my posture has improved already.  Thank you so much.

S from Burnley – September 2015


Ministry Training Course 2014


Pain in my right hip left.  I felt relief in my stiff neck



I received healing for my shoulder and back

Headaches Healed

I was healed from debilitating headaches through prayer at the Burnley Healing Rooms. Most mornings I would wake up with severe pain in the left side of my head which felt like a nail was being hammered into my head. I also had neck pain and suffered from poor sleep.

As I had prayer and hands laid on my neck I felt tremendous heat flowing into my neck. All tension has left me and I am sleeping more soundly than I have done for many years.

Thank You Jesus for Your healing.

P. H. (Bacup)

April 2014.

Cataract Healed

My belief is that when Jesus stated “it is finished” He meant finished completely and utterly, nothing left over to be done.Although symptoms of the disease remain in my body I know that God’s plan is for healing and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

After receiving prayer for the healing power of God to be manifest in my body I have found that the cataract in my right eye which frequently “filmed” over has not done so since this prayer.

I believe ongoing healing continues and I want to praise our wonderful God for all He is, all He does and for all He enables us, as the body of Christ, to do.



M D – Burnley 2014

Prayer for back pain

This lady came for prayer to Burnley Healing Rooms in March 2014 with ongoing problems of vertebral pain. Below is the testimony she sent and has allowed us to publish.

“Slowly the pain is reducing in my vertibrae. I went for my bone density scan the following week (after attending healing rooms) and the Consultant was pleased that so much healing had taken place and stated that I was now fit enough for my knee replacement to go ahead. Thank you for prayers and the prayer handkerchief.” Mary

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